Intelligent Tiger

A man was commuting through a forest road on his motorbike when a tiger started chasing him. The tiger was about to catch him near a T-junction where the rider put the left indicator and suddenly took a right. Getting fooled by the wrong signal, the tiger ran off through the left road.

The next day, the tiger – deciding not to get fooled – chases him again. They reach the T-junction. This time the rider put the left indicator and takes left road itself. The tiger takes right by past experience and the rider escapes again.

On the third day, the tiger prepares itself not to get fooled again and learns all Indian traffic rules, signals, common mistakes, best practices etc. It waits well before the T-junction, the rider appears and it started chasing him again. The man has no choice now, no T-junction either.

Finally he takes his right hand off the accelerator, and waves the ‘Overtake’ signal at the chasing tiger. The tiger accelerates and overtakes past him in no time!

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