Professionally, I’m a Chartered Accountant. I’ve learnt a lot during my internship, if you are interested in talking about it, you can contact me.

Personally, my friends describe me as being someone with always something interesting to say that grabs their attention. I pride myself on my dark, dry, cynical and occasionally outrageous sense of humor.

Music is an absolute passion of mine – preferably with strong lyrics. The next one is Bollywood movies. I can play guitar. Currently I am trying to learn to play harmonica. I love to dream (whilst awake and whilst asleep), and my imagination always seems to conjure up extremely vivid – often very strange – ones. The more vivid the dream, the more I enjoy it. I also dabble with Dream Interpretation. My other interests include gaming, blogging, making people laugh, random acts of silliness, random questions, reading, cartoons(especially Johnny bravo), cooking, sleeping, mimicry, television, internet, etc.

I admire people who have the courage to be themselves and to express themselves no matter how different they might be, and who are not scared to speak their mind.

I guess that much is enough 🙂

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